Art-Work Agency transforms retail space, ready for silly season and New Years


In an age where digital technology plays such an important role in commerce, it is no longer enough for retailers to offer practical and desirable products. Buyers have gone beyond wanting engaging retail experiences to expect them – and retailers need to embrace this change. What better time to try out new ideas than to step into the silly season and a new year?

Creative advice Artwork agency helps their retailers do just that – by turning their customers’ spaces into ‘places’, and thereby helping to create a better experience for consumers and retailers.

“Art-Work offers a range of services to put creativity at the service of companies. From adding value to a space, to creative direction, to large-scale mural and place-building initiatives, there are a myriad of ways creativity can help transform your space from a blank canvas to an experience, a destination. said Art-Work Creative Director Claudio Kirac.

More recently, Art-Work was commissioned by The strand – a newly renovated shopping center located on the Gold Coast, Australia’s premier vacation destination. The center is operated by the leading integrated real estate group Vinta, which understands the value that adding uniqueness brings to a space.

The-Stand-Coolangatta-Mural-Claudio-Kirac-Artwork-Agency The-Stand-Coolangatta-Mural-Claudio-Kirac-Artwork-Agency + (2 + of + 9) The-Stand-Coolangatta-Mural-Claudio-Kirac-Artwork-Agency + (1 + on + 9)

Work closely with the marketing team, Art-Work artists and designers created a vibrant fresco, turning the pristine hoarding into an attraction – a work of art suited to the center and area.

Retailers renting next to soon-to-open stores (currently obscured by hoarding) are thrilled – claiming that a simple change like this has dramatically increased the centre’s appeal to quality shoppers and future retailers.

The project was born from a successful initiative Art-Work was produced for the center in 2015.

Since then, the team has been busy transforming white walls and empty spaces with their creative consulting skills – art, design and photography. A successful artistic activation within AMP’s recently refurbished Pacific Fair is part of their work in this space. The restorers also took advantage of the Art-Work approach, working with the team to add the finishing touches to their spaces – as seen more recently at a renowned establishment. Justin lane and to come Harry’s bistro.

With contemporary consumers wanting more than beautiful products, using art and creativity to add to a space is a simple and often cost effective way to bring a sense of character, and ultimately an experience to any space. retail.

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