Clemson Leverages Moovila’s Labor Management Platform to Optimize R&D on Wind Turbine Technology


CHARLESTON, SC, October 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Moovila and Clemson University Dominion Energy Innovation Center are teaming up to streamline research and testing processes to increase productivity and reduce costs of wind turbine deployment.

As the world’s most accurate project management and work platform, Moovila works with Clemson to establish extensive research schedules, connect various equipment and potential business partners to execute the results. Thanks to Moovila’s unique mathematical engine that drives the platform, researchers will be able to proactively identify and avoid obstacles, while staying on time and on budget for projects. The Moovila platform includes tools for risk identification and remediation, critical path visualizations and an AI-powered PM coach to guide users of all skill levels through the project management process. .

“A wind turbine test takes six months to install, instrument and commission it with thousands of steps along the way,” says Meredyth Crichton, executive director of the Clemson Dominion Energy Innovation Center. “Our factory is the best in the world, and this is a great opportunity to push our capabilities to the next level by working with Moovila to increase our efficiency, carry the lessons learned into new projects and help us identify the best process for assembly for each. unique project.

Located at the Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI), the $ 98 million Energy Innovation Center connects two labs: the Duke Energy eGRID (a power grid simulator) and the wind turbine transmission test facility. Connected labs help researchers find ways to expand the use of renewable energies, including wind and solar power.

According to Moovila Founder and CEO Mike Psenka, “Subject matter experts are often tasked with managing projects with limited formal training in project management. We designed Moovila to automate project management best practices throughout the lifecycle of each project, and we’ve integrated AI tools, micro-learning, and guidance into our platform to reinforce that. Psenka added, “We are very pleased to be working with Clemson University, a Tier 1 research institution right here in South Carolina and the alma mater of many of our employees, on this innovative initiative.

About Moovila
Moovila® connect people and work on the only AI-powered work management platform with the ability to eliminate risk and accelerate flawless execution. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating the actual capacity and schedules of the people and resources doing the work. With an integrated project management coach, entire work ecosystems integrate the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path and a project productivity rating. For more information, visit

About Clemson

The Clemson Dominion Energy Innovation Center is a cutting-edge research center shaping America’s energy future. The facility houses wind turbine test stands capable of performing large-scale and highly accelerated mechanical and electrical tests, making it the most advanced wind turbine transmission testing in the world. In 2009, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the United States Department of Energy awarded a $ 45 million grant to Clemson University, the highest single award in the history of the university and the largest single grant from US DOE for wind power. The objective of the grant was to design, build and operate a facility capable of performing large-scale and highly accelerated testing of next-generation wind turbine transmission technology. For more information on the Energy Innovation Center, visit

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