ConvergenceCoaching adds personal remote work management video series

Leadership and management consulting firm ConvergenceCoaching has added a new video series, “Earning While Working in a Remote and Blended Environment,” to its existing remote and blended video learning programs.

Launched last year, the on-demand video series helps accounting firms better manage the sudden rise in remote and hybrid working arrangements. The new “Winning When Working” series aims to help professionals optimize their own remote or hybrid working style to maximize their benefits and avoid pitfalls.

“In our quest to enable companies to truly embrace remote and blended working, companies must also empower individual team members,” ConvergenceCoaching Partner Tamera Loerzel said in a statement. “Preparing team members to succeed in their unique and dynamic remote or hybrid environment is imperative to individual and company success in the remote and mixed here to stay paradigm.”

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The new “Winning When Working” series includes the following sections:

  • management mindset;
  • Be transparent;
  • Clarify expectations;
  • Communicate to Build Your Success;
  • Create the right work environment;
  • Stay focused and strong; and,
  • Development of your hybrid work plan.

All videos are available on demand and are broken down into smaller segments to share with staff members over time. “Winning When Working” is available as an individual series or part of a larger collection that includes all four distance and blended video learning series.
More information is available on ConvergenceCoaching website here.

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