Galerie Living leverages the Moovila labor management platform to scale community development projects

CHARLESTON, SC, January 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Living Gallery, a developer of retirement homes, owner and operator, has selected Moovila, the world’s smartest work and project management platform, to streamline processes as it grows.

Originally launched in 2019, Galerie Living has more than doubled in size over the past two and a half years. Known for creating boutique-like communities with exceptional hospitality service, the company has faced the typical growth challenges associated with a successful business. Scaling up the organization effectively required underlying technology that combined communication, resource management, and sophisticated schedule management to handle complex work between multiple teams.

Tim Gary, CEO of Galerie Living, said, “Our bespoke communities are complex in design, scale and service. To meet the growing demand for our bespoke wellness environments, we needed smart tools that streamline processes and connect teams. Moovila keeps our projects on track while maintaining a team-oriented approach.

Moovila’s proprietary math-based critical path engine presents a clear picture of each project to help businesses make informed decisions about resources, costs, and time. Through continuous analysis and an in-app project management coach known as Carmen, Moovila helps identify and resolve issues to keep projects current and accurate. Carmen gives people who run projects without formal training in project management the skills they need to keep up with the job effectively. With Moovila, Galerie Living was also able to centralize communication and cross-collaboration to improve processes and workflows. The company noted several additional benefits, including 24/7 information and real-time visibility into project status.

Gary continued, “Since we implemented Moovila, we can take the unknown into account, ensuring nothing is left out while sharing updates with key stakeholders. The chat function and the ability to log in and comment on documents associated with tasks are particularly useful. Rather than scheduling additional recording meetings, I can check projects anytime, anywhere. Moovila has strengthened our ability to develop our existing communities and create whole new ones. “

Moovila Founder and CEO Mike Psenka commented: “Galerie Living is disrupting the whole concept of senior citizen residences, but developing innovative projects can be difficult, especially in times of supply chain scarcity. and other risks. Moovila automatically uncovers the hidden risks of the project that are causing these issues before the job gets derailed, allowing businesses like Galerie Living to continue to grow and meet the needs of their clients. We are honored to help propel their projects.

About Galerie Living

Founded in 1996, Living Gallery is an award-winning developer and operator of innovative retirement home communities. We create unexpected happiness in life for seniors, families and communities. We transform the life experience of older adults by blending design, technology and operational expertise to create highly connective experiences and communities. Rather than looking at what the industry says senior residences should be, our communities are created and imagined by our hearts, by our instincts and by our residents. For more information visit Living Gallery.

About Moovila
Moovila® connect people and work on the only AI-powered work management platform with the ability to eliminate risk and accelerate flawless execution. Moovila models and manages workflows while seamlessly integrating the actual capacity and schedules of the people and resources doing the work. With an integrated project management coach, entire work ecosystems integrate the same data on a single platform with a clear visual path and a project productivity rating. For more information visit

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