Ongoing practical labor management training

Managers from Ali Arc Industries of Whanganui and its parent company, The Bartley Group, have engaged with UCOL’s “UCOL For You” professional development team to create a bespoke course to arm their management with the theory behind the skills they use every day.

Founded in 1990, Ali Arc designs and builds bull bars on utility vehicles and trucks across Aotearoa. Each year, they manufacture approximately 2,500 truck and 2,000 light-duty vehicle, aka ute, bull bars and retrofit the bull bars for those who wish to maintain a sleek vehicle. They export their products across the Pacific, Asia, Europe, Australia and North America – all from Heads Road, Whanganui.

Their workmanship is unmatched and their product is trusted by logistics companies and farmers, providing a protective barrier that looks great.

Haig Elgar, general manager of Ali Arc Industries, said loyalty and customer service are at the heart of the company.

“We work with our customers to create bespoke products. Our team takes the steel plates from the raw material and cuts and bends them into shape. We sand, grind, weld, wash, polish and package for safe delivery.

“Our entire management team is from the shop floor. They know all aspects of our business and can take over when someone is away so we can keep going.”

Haig Elgar said its longtime management team has moved up the ranks, so the company is investing in training to help them become better managers.

“We work with UCOL for two main reasons. UCOL can provide a bespoke course for our team – recognizing the knowledge and skills they need for their stage in their career. And, because they are local – the tutors are from here, that makes a big difference.”

Haig Elgar said UCOL has a reputation for using real-world examples of how theory works.

Jasmine Groves, UCOL’s executive director of business and industry partnership, said the course was led by Whanganui business lecturers Gemma Patterson and Phil Thomsen, and covered introductory management topics: motivation, leadership and root cause analysis.

“We developed the course with Ali Arc and run three 2-3 hour courses once a month for five Ali Arc and Bartley Group employees.”

“We’re local, and we come to them and deliver it to their space.”

Jasmine Groves said the course is ready to be rolled out to other businesses in the central North Island, and although using local knowledge is ideal, external experts will be brought in to provide support if necessary.

“We deliver short-term training at your workplace, during working time, and we tailor the course to your business needs. Whether you want management skills or any other knowledge to fill a particular skills gap, we are here to build a short training course that will help you achieve your goals.”

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