The labor market accelerated in July


Companies contracted three times more applicants for open positions in July compared to the previous month, and employees interested in changing jobs sent a total of 400,000 CVs, up 12% from June’s level, show the data on the online recruitment platform BestJobs.

In addition, more than 24,000 Romanians created a new account on the online recruitment platform BestJobs in July, to be ready to apply for new jobs.

The activity on the BestJobs platform in July was more than expected, especially considering that, generally during the summer months, the concern of candidates and employers decreases, ”said Ana Visian, Marketing Manager at BestJobs Romania.

The most sought-after jobs in July were recorded in areas such as Sales with 77,893 applications, Finance / Accounting with 49,859 applications, Management with 41,244 applications, IT / Telecom with 32,568 applications and Marketing with 27,407 applications.

Data from the BestJobs platform shows a particular interest in jobs in marketing, an area where activity is easily done remotely, as there were more than 47% more applications than in June.

Interest in activities that can be done anywhere still tops the list, 12% of the total volume. Almost half of the applications were registered in July for jobs in Bucuresti and Ilfov, followed by Timis (with 61,053 applications), Cluj (38,759 applications), Bra? Ov (37,808 applications) and Prahova (29,857 applications) ).

The most active applicants were those aged 25 to 34, according to platform data. Increased interest is also coming from applicants aged 45 to 54 who registered nearly 20% of total applications in July, up 3% from June.

BestJobs is one of the largest online recruitment platforms in Romania with over 4.6 million professionals connected to the labor market, over 25,000 jobs and thousands of freelancers, recruitment agents, coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other types of specialists.


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