Walmart is underpinning a new era of labor management

Walmart Inc. encourages cross-functional collaboration and standardizes organizational processes to foster efficiency and a positive work culture.

To do this deeper in the business, the retailer extended its Wrike work management platform instance outside of Walmart Canada. It now encompasses more than 1,000 new users across international teams, including Global Tax, Product, Walmart Health and Walmart Realty. With the ability to consolidate cross-departmental work into a single digital workspace, Wrike, which is now part of Citrixallows Walmart to work as a whole and gives them a level of visibility and control over projects and resources they never had before.

In 2019, Walmart Canada deployed technology within its continuous improvement team to increase productivity and develop business recommendations for the transportation department. Following the success, Walmart Canada implemented the Work Management Platform in PMO, Strategy, Transportation, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics Operations, Supply/End Chain Reinvention ultimately marketing and the e-commerce studio. However, with other areas of the business operating in different ways, there was a lack of standard processes across Walmart International. The organization set out to create a structure and foundation that would allow them to come together and take their business to the next level.

“One of the biggest challenges we face at Walmart is the size of the organization and the number of teams that are intertwined,” says Carolyn Lum, director, Continuous Transportation Improvement, Walmart Canada. “Before, we spent a lot of time going through the bureaucracy of different departments to get everyone aligned and on the same page. With Wrike, we can now collaborate with teams, including those we never would have interacted with before, and implement the same ways of working, which is remarkable. »

More recently, Walmart expanded Wrike’s use internationally from 500 to nearly 1,500 users. This has allowed the organization to customize work management for individual teams, bring together siled departments, streamline communication, organize cross-functional projects, and leverage analytics to tie projects to goals.

“Wrike helps us move faster,” said Francis Lalonde, Vice President, Transportation, Walmart Canada. “We drive initiative, momentum and ultimately our culture. Teams are excited to participate in project review calls and share successes, which has created a winning culture. Wrike has been instrumental in helping us move to this stage. I could never have imagined Wrike’s growth at Walmart Canada, let alone how quickly it would take off at Walmart International.

In December 2020, Wrike signed on with the Walmart Realty Execution team, which is responsible for construction management of store renovations, new store construction, and maintenance. Prior to the solution, they used a variety of disparate tools to manage work between external general contractors and multiple internal cross-functional teams. As a result, they faced challenges such as a lack of visibility into their portfolios, considerable time spent on non-value-added work, and redundant efforts when planning and managing projects.

Additionally, Walmart’s US Global Tax team had an initiative to help develop the skills of team associates by giving them the opportunity to work on projects outside of their field. Management needed a way to understand their current team utilization and identify who could be assigned to additional projects. Their existing work management solution couldn’t provide accurate, real-time visibility into resource utilization.

“We built the Wrike Platform on the promise of empowering teams and organizations of all sizes to work together, break down barriers, and evolve beyond what they know is possible,” says Andrew Filev , Senior Vice President and General Manager of Wrike, Citrix. “Walmart is an outstanding example of an organization that understands the importance of cross-functional collaboration and is always looking for ways to improve it. By welcoming teams from around the world to Wrike, Walmart enables departments to better standardize and optimize processes and streamline communication so they can do their best together.

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